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An America We Can Believe In


“Do you ever wonder how America became so backwards? I am through waiting for someone to step up and represent who I am – who we are.


There was a time when our two parties knew how to negotiate and solve problems. Not anymore. Politicians have been dividing people for too long – and for political gain. We need leadership that inherently brings people together if we are to survive as a nation.


Those who know me can attest that I am mission-focused, results-oriented, and dedicated to whatever I set out to do.”

What’s Motivating Justin to Run for Office

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Many of the issues facing our nation are as important and relevant to those facing our 64 local towns – here in eastern Connecticut, from Andover to Woodstock. Knowing a candidate’s position regarding many of the issues (old and new) is critical to understanding how he will represent and protect your interests in Washington.

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